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Spring Statement 2018: The Headlines

Our round up of the headlines we’re most concerned with from the Spring Statement 2018:

1. The Chancellor is focusing on the reduction (as a percentage of income) of debt, although the overall level of actual debt is growing. This mirrors what has happened in individuals lives where having being burnt by high debt commitments in times of recessions, many have vowed not to go there again and have actively sought to reduce their debt exposure. In…

The Boss Always Knows Best!

That’s the way it always has been and that’s the way it always will be (or so bosses would like to think) as they sit in their ivory towers, issuing edicts from upon high while shrouded in a mist of Papal infallibility.

But as Bob Dylan said “the times they are a changing” as we move away (in aspects of life) from an autocratic hierarchical model to one of collaboration and democracy.  Think if you can of…

It Takes Two Baby

As another year’s St Valentine’s Day has passed by its time for this accountant to reflect On whether being a sole trader is the optimum business model (it’s the most common so there must be something in it) or whether as Marvin & Tammy said “it takes two Baby”?

Being a sole trader has a lot going for it; Little need for complex structures or processes, decision making is really easy & allows the business to…

Accountancy Myths: Busted

The accounting profession is shrouded in mystery as for many years the approach has been to keep clients in the dark as to how things work, as that’s how accountants charge their fees.  Even now, some still refer to our profession as ‘the dark arts’, but in this article we are looking to bust and debunk a number of common myths.

  1. The accountant will sort it out – We are good, but we are…

Employees are friends, not food!

My apologies to Pixar Studios for plagiarising the line from Finding Nemo but it set me thinking about how we view, perceive and treat our employees who by collective agreement are the biggest asset we as business owners have.

But like many ‘assets’ we have attempted to regularise, codify and standardise our approach to employees in a way that now has an industrial feel with verbs like expendable, replaceable and obsolescence attached to them.

I would…